Practical Spirit Retreats
Relationship 101
What your parents could never teach you!

Beltain Weekend:
Friday evening, April 26 - Sunday 2pm, April 28, 2019

The intent for this weekend retreat is a
holistic, self-empowering & transformational
approach to family counseling.

So many marriages & relationships fall apart due to lack of understanding, inability to communicate
our needs or simply boredom.
Weekend program include:
offering tools & exercises to take the relationship to the next level, where it truly belongs
identify the reasons how & why we attract the person into our life, based on our innate need of spiritual & psychological growth
guided meditations, exercises to discover & dissolve the patterns that we carry within ourselves since our childhood
explore each other’s core values & how to respect them
learn of our pathways of receptivity & communication and apply these to enhance of our communication skills
building clear & healthy boundaries
work on the innate balance of masculine/feminine, bringing it into sacred communion
deepening intimacy, releasing inhibation & resentment
introduction to philosophy & history of eastern sexology
opening & strengthening the path and flow of kundalini energy via the Microcosmic Orbit (Tao/Buddhist approach)
... & much more!

an ancient celebration of the sacred union of masculine & feminine

Beltain, Beltaine or Beltane is the Gaelic (Celtic) Fire Ritual, the origin of the May Day, which celebrates, at the most fundamental level, the end of winter and the beginning of the warmer, lighter half of the year.
Fee: $900/couple
including program, notes, accommodation,
non-alcoholic beverages & breakfasts

Registration & full payment due:
March 15th, 2019

Couples will receive $100 towards the next
"Sensual Massage for Couples" program.

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If you know anyone, including yourself, please do share!
Inquire about our Referral Program or "Bring-a-Friend" Discount Promotion: When you recommend this event to a friend or someone, resulting in booking, you will receive $100 off your payment
– limit 1 per Retreat/Couple
The "Relationship 101" retreat is for maximum 7 couples.
If you are currently not in a relationship, please send an inquiry. Attendance may be available by end of March for individuals who are going through divorce or separation

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