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Health Secrets specializes in Holistic Health and Wellness, Integrative Bio-energy and Body work, a unique program called Transformational Skin Therapy, based upon a whole body approach to skin health and mental/emotional healing.

Founded in 1993, now on 26 years of experience, incorporating techniques, such as Reiki, Electro Magnetic Field and Energy balancing, Spiritual Psychotherapy counseling, Intuitive inspiration, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic re-programming, Life coaching program and counseling. Each and every session is truly a unique experience, only available once in a lifetime, offering real-time feedback on the soul level in each session that will guide you to the next doorway, offer you tools on how to pass and meet you on the other side, guiding your spirit and fulfilling your soul-based potentials, while creating a safe, loving and nurturing environment, allowing a deeper access to the root-issues.

Using the power of the internet, we tailor our program to suit your needs.

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Inner Pilgrimage

Experience a sense of freedom while you rejuvenate your spirit. Youll explore your inner landscape through self-empowerment & inner guidance. Changes are created on a deep cellular level by you, as always, according to your innate wisdom, the perfect blueprint of your DNA & the highest divine guidance available to you, in order to experience improvement on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

Body & Soul Renewal Session

Imagine taking time for yourself...

Imagine using that time to do something out of the ordinary...

Now, imagine 3 hours of pampering and relaxation...

Three hours only for you...

It is time to enjoy life and all it has to offer!

Book your Aromatherapy Detox & Relax Massage session now!

Read my article & learn more about your Lymphatic system
If you feel that you need deeper work, chose my Inner Pilgrimage session or Body & Soul Renewal.

Transformational Skin Therapy sessions, called Yummy Facials, have been created to fulfill your spring/summer skin health needs, such as:
• Green Tea
• Orange & Belgium Chocolate
• Avocado & Banana
• Berry Medley

These facial therapy sessions are very high in enzymes & antioxidants. Also will supply your skin with sufficient
amount of vitamins.
Regularly $110, your promo price is $95 for 90 minutes session.

Visit my Transformational Skin Therapy Specialized Treatment section to see more of your choices.

Once again I am offering a selection of Transformational Body Therapy treatments:
• Bio-detox
• Cellulite & Toning Body Wrap

Body Image Sculpting Sessions may contain of aromatherapy body scrub, lymphatic drainage massage, herbal cellulite eliminating wrap and bio-energy work to assure that your change not only taking place in your physical body, but also in you mental and emotional bodies. Learn how to use mind power (over matter, in this case cellulite), meditation, creative visualization and how to apply the most important Universal principle (revealed by the makers of the Secret): The Law of Attraction.
Your progress will be monitored and we will include a nutritional assessment and coaching.
This session is recommended once a week for six weeks to achive the desired result.

Each session contains an Aromatherapy Relax & Detox massage. If you so desire, it may also include a bonus Hypnotherapy session to re-frame your mind after releasing limiting beliefs about your body shape & size, adjusting your metabolism & getting rid of cravings to assure the desired and long lasting results.
Regularly $140, your promo price is $125 for 90 minutes session.

Vitality Packages

A 90 minutes session is booked once a month. A variety of treatments will be chosen to address your need at the time of your appointment, based on either your request or accessed intuitively. It may consist a blend of Aromatherapy Relaxation or Lymphatic Drainage Detox Massage, Reiki, Emotional or Energy Balancing, Reflexology or Shiatsu. We will address Body-Mind-Spirit balancing and harmonizing. The idea is to assist you to get in your optimal shape, let it be on any level. This will serve as a preventative or maintenance for your well being. When a package of 6 sessions is purchased and pre-booked, you will receive 20% off, when 12 sessions is purchased you will receive 30% off and we will also include nutritional and lifestyle assessments and coaching. .
New! Any of your treatment packages now may contain a deep relaxation session with cellular memory clearing & infra-red sauna, while comfortably resting on the massage table or added to any of your massage session (for an additional fee). Also can be combined with the Organic Yummy Facials.

Many of us have picked up habits that we believe will effect our health in the long run, but unable to break them, such as smoking, food and/or substance abuse.
Not commonly known that these behaviors may be caused by a lack of something, either on the nutritional level or emotional, spiritual levels (or all of the above),
usually accompanied by lack of contentment.

Based on successful past experiences with my clients, Im gladly offer the opportunity to help you finding the root cause of the problems.
Just a quick note here:
Know that you always have a choice. Even if you continue carry on entertaining your issues, you are still the one that is making that choice. That might be your first step.
We can customize the Vitality Package to suit your particular need.

View the list of the rest of my services
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Words from the Woods Newsletter has been created as an interactive, inspirational and informational source to assist you on your path of well-being. Contents of this on-line publication may include information, articles and promotional material, sent 1-2 times a month.
Your email address and user information will not be sold for any reason.
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Looking for gift ideas?

Now you can purchase an environmental friendly virtual gift certificate (that you can email) or come by our office to pick one up.

Visit our webpage for the list of services or to purchase one of our most popular gift packages.

Lets work on it together! Call or email for more information.
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Practical Spirit
Workshop Series

The intent for these workshop series is guiding each participant
to heal the past, be happy and healthy in the present and to
find true purpose in life

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for detailed information
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Goddess Gathering

Through honouring the Feminine Divine, we reconnect with our inner goddess.

We respect and empower ourselves spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically to nurture
the inner goddess and achieve balance in our work, home and social lives.

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for detailed information
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Practical Spirit Retreats
Remember, your imagination is the key to who you are!

Annual Transformational Summer Retreat
Earth Celebration & Planetary Awareness

Click here for more information on retreats
Phone: 416-571-0888
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